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Crew Changing In Bangladesh

During the PANDEMIC of COVID-19 worldwide, the Authority of Shipping Department, BANGLADESH has taken the courageous decision for changing ship crews (Both Foreign & National) from any vessel which come to CHITTAGONG & MONGLA Port of Bangladesh. For crew changing, Shipping Department of Bangladesh has declared some strict & certain guidelines for the safety & security of Foreign & national seafarers. COMPASS SHIPPING SERVICE LIMITED, offers you the best service for crew changing in Bangladesh under the guidelines of D.O.S (Dept. of Shipping), Bangladesh. A well experienced & professional team of COMPASS, are always concerned for the safety & security of Seafarers, handling the following service for Crew changing which are also cost effective to Ship Owners/Managers.

Services for Crew Changing :

  • An experienced Team always ready to serve 24/7.
  • Arrange Covid-19 test for Off Signers in ship by the specific person of Medical Centre which are approved by the Govt. of Bangladesh for Covid-19 test.
  • Arrange Covid-19 test for On Signers from Medical Centre which are approved by the Govt. of Bangladesh.
  • Arrange ILO Medical Examination for On Signers.
  • Manage Covid-19 test report within 24 hours.
  • Provide PPE SET (Full body Uniform, Gaugles, Head Sheild, Face Mask, Hand Gloves) for both Off Signers & On Signers.
  • Arrange boat Transportation from Ship to Shore & Shore to Ship for both Off Signers & On Signers.
  • Arrange quality & standard Hotel accommodation with food service.
  • Completing the Shipping Office Formalities for Off Signers & On Signers.
  • Arrange a secured separate quality & comfortable Car Transportation from Hotel to Airport for Foreign Off Signers & On signers.
  • Standby an Attendant in Airport for receiving the Foreign Crews.
  • Finally assure to flight onboard for Off Shiners/ ship onbaord for On Signers.
  • Assure that Off Signers can fly & On signers can be onboard within 48/72 hours from the date of Covid-19 test Report.

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