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About Us

Compass Shipping Service Limited is a professional crew management company that has been established and operating from Bangladesh since 2010. We offer tailor-made crewing solutions to ship owners operating in the offshore, the inland shipping and the maritime transport sectors.

We man our clients’ ships with the right crew at the right price and undertake completely the administrative and operational burden associated with crew management, enabling our clients to focus exclusively on their core business. We take pride for our reliability and the exceptional manner in which we deliver our service, exceeding always the needs and expectations of our clients and assisting them in achieving their business objectives.

Our Policy

The company abides by the guiding rules and standards set forth in conformity with pertinent government rules and regulations, cognizant of the latest convention requirements of the International Maritime Organization(IMO).Professionalism and excellent customer services are the key elements of our business philosophy. Therefore, the management is duty bound to maintain a professional staff in every department who are imbued with high moral principles and ethical values to protect the interest of the company and continuously upgrade its standard operation aimed at ensuring long term business relationship with our clients.Compass Shipping Service Limited credits its successful customer relationship to its hands - on approach and makes it a point to always provide a personalized service to each client as an expression of giving impetus of their importance.The company is built on strong values and as a natural consequence of such business principles, every employee is afforded a clear picture of what the company stands for.Our core values of professionalism, service excellence, integrity, respect and teamwork, will be given credence into practice by our employees in dealing with our customers, colleagues, suppliers and the community as a whole.

Core Values

  • Professionalism - is reflected by the skills, competencies, and character of the people tasked to deliver our services. This value give importance to people development and training.
  • Service excellence - is one significant distinction that we would like to make a difference in the Manning/Crewing industry. It implies going the extra mile in delivering excellent services for the satisfaction of all customers.
  • Integrity - implies wholeness and absence of duplicity. We are in a business of trust and we can only sustain performance if we are trusted by our partners and stakeholders.
  • Respect - is manifested in giving value to ideas and feelings of various stakeholders, seafarers, employees, suppliers and principals.
  • Teamwork - This core value puts a premium on learning and growing as a team and relationship that build trust. It also implies getting rid of organizational kinks and turf-mentality within the group. Teamwork involves the values of Respect, Dignity and atmosphere of Openness.